CONSOLIDATION (VMware Virtualization)

CONSOLIDATION (VMware Virtualization)

Server virtualization is one of the cornerstones of the virtual infrastructure. Virtualizing servers allows you to run multiple “virtual machines” on a single piece of server hardware. This gives you the ability to run multiple virtual servers, with different business functions, and even different operating systems all under one chassis. Advanced virtual server configurations provide you with previously unimaginable flexibility in IT saving your IT department time and saving your business money. Storage Virtualization introduces enormous flexibility when addressing the fastest growing aspect of modern information systems, data growth and storage. Your business’s data is the life blood of your IT infrastructure.

Storage virtualization allows you to dynamically address storage demand across your network without having to power off critical systems, upgrade, or outright replace them Many conventional servers found in the average office or datacentre rarely reach their maximum utilization levels. Many servers spend the majority of their lifetime running idle while they are not in use; however the average server draws 80% of its maximum power load the moment it is powered on.

WBS has hands on experience with Virtualization technologies and certified hardware. We have VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) on staff with the knowledge and skills to deploy VMware Virtual Infrastructure or maintain/upgrade an existing environment. Our reference sites will testify to our knowledge and expertise on the practice area. WBS also leverages on platform virtualization to offer Desktop Virtualization (VDI) and Application Virtualization to customers.

VMware Virtualization

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